Optimast - Black Spar Set

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  • 4 990,00 kr

Best for +40kg sailors

This spar is the stiffest one made by Optimast.

This is a sailing regatta mast set dedicated to sailors of heavier weight, with very good skills to navigate a boat with a strong wind. The material, which was used to build the Black Optimast set is a modified with aluminium AW 7095/T6, bigger ammount of titanium and chrome additions.

WZ-4100: Ultimate racing mast / AW 7095 #2,0 mm, 1860 grams
WZ-4200: Ultimate racing boom 45 mm / AW 7095 #1,5 mm
WZ-4300: Sprit 28 mm - HARD / AW 7025 #1,4 mm

*Accesory starter package included